.NET provides a huge library including web app development, network connections and many more. .NET development has amazing and striking features. The solutions that are developed using the framework are flexible, highly secured and dynamic. The architecture of the platform allows for easy installation and deployment and ensuring that the current software will remain unaffected. The library offers numerous functionalities that ease the process of development and allows codes re-usability. The CLR or common language runtime supervises all .NET programs and ascertains specifics in security, memory management and handling exceptions. The framework allows the use of code that is written in one language to be utilized in another or across the platform interoperability. The framework allows data exchange among all .NET supported languages. Using the powerful features and technologies allow developers to build simple yet consistent, secured, vigorous and easy to manage and maintained solutions. The extensive features of the framework make it a perfect choice among developers and users.

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Microsoft ASP.NET development is intended to create web technologies and web pages. It is a very important tool for programmers and developers because it allows building dynamic, rich websites as well as webbing applications using compiled languages like VB and C#. .NET is not just limited to script language because it also allows the use of .NET languages like C#, VB, J# and a whole lot more. Development of .NET lets NET developers build very engaging applications via the use of Visual Studio, a development tool by Microsoft. ASP.NET dramatically lowers the amount of coding required for building huge applications. Apps are secure and safe with the built-in Windows authentication and per application configuration requirement. Today is definitely a great time to be a developer of the .NET platform because it is highly preferred by both developers and users all over the world. .NET has greatly streamlined software and web development processes.

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    As a Microsoft ASP.NET development service provider, I am able to earn a decent income. Moreover, the framework has helped me hone my development skills.


    July 2013