.NET development is very effective in business nowadays, especially when dealing with return on investment. Furthermore, the platform or framework delivers lower development and deployment costs and lower maintenance costs as well in the long run. These days, businesses look to IT departments to justify their existence. Now, with the current technologies, businesses could easily boost their performances. When it comes to your business, you would want a technology that will be able to minimize the time it takes for development and produce quality, reliable and scalable apps. The platform is a great technology that allows Microsoft to define the next shift in a business software. .NET is mean to solve problems that are present in application development which includes long time for development, inability to quickly change apps and high software ownership cost. With .NET development, the days of slow-moving and ineffective information technology departments are long over.

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    As a Microsoft ASP.NET development service provider, I am able to earn a decent income. Moreover, the framework has helped me hone my development skills.


    July 2013