Microsoft ASP.NET development is intended to create web technologies and web pages. It is a very important tool for programmers and developers because it allows building dynamic, rich websites as well as webbing applications using compiled languages like VB and C#. .NET is not just limited to script language because it also allows the use of .NET languages like C#, VB, J# and a whole lot more. Development of .NET lets NET developers build very engaging applications via the use of Visual Studio, a development tool by Microsoft. ASP.NET dramatically lowers the amount of coding required for building huge applications. Apps are secure and safe with the built-in Windows authentication and per application configuration requirement. Today is definitely a great time to be a developer of the .NET platform because it is highly preferred by both developers and users all over the world. .NET has greatly streamlined software and web development processes.

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    As a Microsoft ASP.NET development service provider, I am able to earn a decent income. Moreover, the framework has helped me hone my development skills.


    July 2013